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Jurassic Park passes the Bechdel test because all the dinos are female and the 2 raptors in the kitchen communicate with each other. Discuss

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the resting face of the girl who sits across from me in this class is a close-mouthed smile. whenever i look at her i feel like we have some special in joke, as I suppose does every person who glances at her.

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You ever feel like you’re being watched?

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Corning is my greatest love affair tho

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how do i write my signature? i can’t remember. what state is this? 

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who even am i? what color are my eyes? how tall am i? i don’t know, because i lost my driver’s licence.

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Happy’ s puppyhood… to the day we took her home

Here are a few pictures from the day Happy was born, to the day we took her home. Most of the pictures were taken by the family who raised Happy. They sent us pictures almost every week. I was so excited I was checking my phone all the time in case some new pictures were sent!

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i left my wallet on the top of my car and drove off because I’m a fucking idiot and have since retraced my route twice and can’t find it and this is the WORST feeling, I had so many important things in there :(

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i need to stop talking to straight people about non-straight issues

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Blow gently on your screen

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julie doesn’t even like orca whales why does she hang out with me

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julie won’t watch videos with me of orca whales acting out in captivity which I have been researching heavily over the past couple days because it freaks her out and I desperately need someone to share my interest in this by joining me in watching seaworld videos

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